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We started the process of manufacturing materials that are used to make to hammocks at the same time when the Spanish introduced the pedals for hand weaving. In spite of the fact that in some places these new inventions were approved of, there were still craftsmen who continued the traditional methods of making materials – they dried the threads in the sun, hung threads and wove them manually. They always used the same tools as their ancestors to work: spinners, shuttles, combs and others. The thread that they made fabric of did not contain amino acid content and were very resistant.

We supervise the process of designing materials, purchasing of raw materials for manufacturing, supplying craftsmen's leaders with necessary materials. They distribute materials among other artisans who live in small, organised societies. When the materials are ready, the leaders of craftsmen check their quality and collect them. Once a week, the leader of the craftsmen bring a finished product to the company where it is measured, weighed and its quality checked. Artisans are paid on the same day. The amount of payment depends on the amount of work that each of the artisans has done.

Men and women are involved in the process. Women are responsible for the preparation of thread, sewing, collecting and filing products. Men tend to prepare the warp and weave materials.
There are more than 300 hand-weaving manufactories in San Sebastian and textile companies provide an important source of income for them.

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