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Hammocks KOALAHammocks KOALA

Hammocks KOALA

In this category, you will know the hammocks from South America, hammocks for adults and the whole family. Check out their quality, methods of use and installation.

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Hammock with spreader bars KOALAHammock with spreader bars KOALA

Hammock with spreader bars KOALA

A hammock with a bar is a typical feature in most gardens, comfort and ease of installation make these hammocks have become extremely popular.

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Hammock Chair KOALAHammock Chair KOALA

Hammock Chair KOALA

Hammock chairs, sun hammock loungers or hammock seats, you will find all these products in this category. They are products most often chosen by our customers.

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Hammock for Children KOALAHammock for Children KOALA

Hammock for Children KOALA

In this category, you will find hammocks and hammock chair for children. Check the advantages of using and assembling them.

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KOALA hammock suspensionKOALA hammock suspension

KOALA hammock suspension

Mounting accessories and mounting kits of the Koala Hammocks are hardened products of the highest quality made in the European Community.

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Hammock stands KOALAHammock stands KOALA

Hammock stands KOALA

See what stand will fit into your home and your hammock.

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KOALA accessoriesKOALA accessories

KOALA accessories

Foot stand for hammock seats – Nothing but relax! It is made of the hammock canvas. A small cotton pillow for the hammock. Comfort and relaxation!

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Garden sets KOALAGarden sets KOALA

Garden sets KOALA

Garden sets consist of any of the hammock and a stand. You can complete your dreamed of set yourself. Check out our offer!

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